Building Trust and Accountability


Since 2003, Legal Tender has supported organisations across different industries improve outcomes from their legal spend.

With significant experience working in private practice and as General Counsel, we understand the frustration and waste that can arise when there is a gap between the service required and that provided.

Our clients have typically been General Counsel, or senior management responsible for legal activity and spend. We have assisted these clients make informed choices as to the use of external lawyers to ensure that  they secure the best quality, service, value and commercial outcomes from those service providers.  Appreciating their own accountability in the process and how they may instruct external counsel more effectively also helps clients avoid waste and disputes, reducing the overall duration and cost of legal activity.

Our belief is that the key to effective service delivery lies in developing high levels of mutual trust.  Trust is a partner of accountability and both are grounded on effective communication.  We help achieve flexible, reasonable and practical solutions that are mutually rewarding and sustainable for lawyer and client.

Legal Tender, as a true independent advisor,  helps organisations by:

  1.   assessing legal needs and identifying obstacles to efficient service delivery

  2.    developing a strategy to optimise effectiveness of internal and external legal resources

  3.    focussing client and lawyer on the appropriate return on investment       

  4.    designing competitive tender processes

  5.    avoiding over engineered “solutions”

  6.    developing an implementation plan to ensure delivery of benefits secured through a tender

  7.    training internal management teams

  8.    relationship management of internal legal and management teams and external lawyers.

Legal Tender  -  cost effective legal tender and management services based on clear and simple communication, grounded in mutual accountability leading to mutual understanding and trust.



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